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WAECO 12V DC Camping Ice Fridges/Freezers

WAECO 12V DC Camping Ice Fridges and Freezers

Made for convenience, WAECO 12V DC camping ice fridges and freezers offer a portable way to keep food and beverages cold on the go. Meant for a variety of uses, these camping essentials are energy-efficient, lightweight and packed with features meant to enhance your outdoor experience and ensure you have everything you need no matter how far from home you are.


WAECO portable fridge and freezers come in different sizes to meet your specific camping needs. These camping ice boxes and coolers range in size from smaller versions that hold 18 or 35 litres up to oversized coolers that hold up to 65 litres of both frozen and cold liquids and foods. There are even mini fridges that you can stash 10.5 litres of items in, which makes for a perfect day trip. Despite their sizes, even the larger options feel light to carry. Choose the size you need based on how many people youre feeding and how many days youll be gone.


WAECO fridge and freezers offer an array of features designed to keep food safe and healthy. The coolers offer dual sides, with one working as a refrigerator and the other performing as a deep freezer. The interior of the cooler offers plenty of spaces for storing food, including baskets and different compartments for items. In some models, the freezer side has its own lid to keep everything inside as cold as possible. Keep foods stored separately from heavy items like bottles or cans. The models use a compressor to save power and increase efficiency while a digital screen makes them simple to control. The exterior is durable, with metal hinges and latches while a thick seal insulates items inside.

Parts and Accessories

Enhance your experience by adding WAECO camping ice fridges and freezers to your arsenal of camping supplies and equipment. Make sure you have everything you need on hand to easily run and use your camping fridge, including 12V power cables or a portable power kit for powering up on the go. Its always smart to carry extra cables just in case. Protect the exterior of your fridge by slipping on a WAECO cover, which features exterior pockets to carry cords or other necessities. You can even use a separate stand for your fridge to elevate it to an easier to reach height.


When you think of using a camping refrigerator, chances are camping is what comes to mind. However, these handy coolers arent just for roughing in. In fact, these are convenient appliances that may come in handy for a variety of uses, including going out on your boat, keeping it in your RV or taking it with you on a run. Theyre even useful for day trips, such as to the park or for a picnic or family meal outdoors in which you want to keep foods cool until eaten. In the event of a power loss, they can be a lifesaver.