WWI Collectable Medals (1914-1918)

The Great War left a huge impact across Europe and beyond with its stories and legacy still resonating with many today. Among the World War I memorabilia items collected, none are more prized than the medals. In addition to British and Australian original WWI collectable medals, you can also find German WWI collectable medals for sale and those issued to French soldiers.

Which WWI Medals Should I Look For?

There are two major categories of WWI collectable medals—campaign medals and gallantry medals.

  • Campaign medals were awarded to members of the British Armed Forces and Allied Forces for their participation in particular military campaigns.
  • Gallantry medals were given to soldiers in recognition of specific accomplishments or acts of bravery and often come with remarkable stories attached.
  • Many collectors focus on medals issued by their own country, although there is no restriction on international sale, or you could focus on a specific regiment or military campaign when establishing your collection.

What Should I Be Paying For World War I Medals?

World War I collectable medals vary widely in price, depending on their condition, place of origin and rarity. Original war medals will generally be of greater worth than reproductions.

  • Medals that are highly rare will fetch a much higher price, as are those with stories of heroics attached.
  • As particular war anniversaries approach, the interest in buying war medals increases, which often pushes the prices up considerably.
  • Most people don't buy medals for their investment value, but rather from a genuine interest in wartime history and the bravery of the individual that the medal commemorates.

Which Other WWI Collectables Can I Buy?

In addition to original WWI collectable medals and reproduction WWI collectable medals, you can find various other items relating to the Great War that are popular with collectors.

  • If you want to own a little piece of World War I history, look for memorabilia items from the battlefields, such as bullet casings, personal items from soldiers, as well as pieces of barbed wire.
  • Trench art, such as etched bullet and shell casings, also make for a unique collector's item, with these artworks crafted by soldiers during the war.
  • Among the most poignant WWI collectable items are postcards censored in transit during the war, as well as those made by newspapers as propaganda featuring significant moments from the Great War.