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Walker Lawn Mower

For anyone looking to start a landscaping business or is in need of mowing an extremely large space, a walker lawn mower is exactly the thing you need. These oversized mowers are an amazing piece of machinery. Larger than your typical push or ride-on mowers, these have a large blade radius that allows you to cut more in less time. Additionally, because they are gas powered and have varied speeds, you can cut grass in incredibly fast times. These mowers have a special spot that you can stand and operate the controls. There is usually a left and right gearshift allowing you to turn, go, increase your speed and slow down. Some of these lawn mowers have a seat for you to sit down, but most are standing. These mowers also have the option to adjust your blade height, which determines how much you’re cutting off each blade of grass. These are a great little machine that are fast and get the job done in no time at all.

Push Mowers

Push mowers are your traditional lawn mower that most people imagine. These range in price and do a great job cutting grass. However, if there is a large parcel of land that you need to mow, using a regular push mower might take a while. With these mowers, you have to exert much more of your own energy because you are powering and directing where the mower is going. There are a few different types of push mowers including gas powered push mowers, manual push mowers, battery operated push mowers, and electric powered push mowers.

Ride-on Mowers

Another option for a lawn mower is a ride-on mower. These are essentially small tractors that allow you to sit comfortably, while cutting the grass. You have a few buttons and levers that you can control along with a wheel to help you turn and backup. It’s almost like driving a car, as there is even a key and ignition, but you’re driving your mower. These are powerful machines that are generally gas powered but have the same features as the walker and push lawn mowers. You can adjust your cutting height and perform the same functions. These are similar in price to walker lawn mowers and more expensive than push mowers. Ride-on mowers are definitely a fun experience and make cutting the grass a little more interesting.

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