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Samsung Mobile Phone Wall Chargers

Whether you need a complete replacement or just need an additional charger, there are many different options to help charge your Samsung phone at home. While the most common chargers you’ll find plug simply into an outlet, you can also use adaptive and wireless chargers to help charge your Samsung phone as well as your other electronics.

USB Chargers

The most common type of chargers are Samsung mobile phone USB wall chargers. These Samsung wall chargers plug right into an outlet, and charge your Samsung phone or device via USB. However, some more modern Samsung phones use a micro USB connection, so these will not work. If you’re simply looking for a replacement charger, it’s best to match up your specific make and model. If you’re looking for an additional charger for multiple electronics, opt for one that includes both USB and micro USB options.

Micro USB Chargers

Many newer mobile phone chargers and cradles use micro USB, including Samsung. If you have a newer Samsung phone and are looking for a replacement or an additional charger, most likely it is a micro USB connection. If you have multiple phones to charge, including older ones that use USB, you may want to opt for an adaptive charger that suits both.

Wireless Options

If you have multiple items you wish to connect, such as smartphones and tablets, wireless mobile phone chargers are a great idea. These still plug into the wall; however, you simply place the object that requires charging on the pads to charge. These pads can handle multiple items and often charge quickly.

Multiple Brands

If you have multiple brands and types of phones you want to charge, wireless options or adaptive chargers are your best bet. These are not always brand specific and can be used for several different types of smartphones. For example, while Samsung manufactures a wireless charger pad, it handles more than just Samsung phones.

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