Wall Clocks

Wall Clocks

With the ubiquity of mobile phones, wall clocks may not be as common as they used to be. This does not, however, mean that you shouldnt consider having one in your home. They can be a key accent to your decor, whether antique, fancy or sleek modern designs.

Digital and Analogue Clocks

In todays world, it is fairly easy to find a digital clock. It may not be as easy, however, to a digital wall clock that would take pride of place. If you want a fancy clock, or one that fits in with your home decor, you may prefer an analogue clock — you choose from vintage and antique models to more recent modern designs. Decorative clocks come in all forms however.

Arabic, Roman or Another Kind of Numeral

Once youve decided on type, you may want to think about the numerals you prefer. You might like fancier Roman numerals or plain Arabic numbers. Or perhaps you dont even need numbers at all. You may find a clock that has pictures or one without any numerals at all.

Modern and Vintage Options

You can find many vintage and antique options for wall clocks, but keep in mind that their mechanisms may not keep perfect time if they have not been serviced properly. If you fancy the clock enough, you can always have it repaired. On the other hand, there are many different styles of modern wall clocks. You may be able to find a brand new vintage-looking one if that is what you prefer.

Replacement Parts and Kits

Did you have trouble finding your perfect wall clock? Do you fancy a bit of DIY? You can look through parts and tools for decorative clocks to find all the pieces you need to build your own. You may find a kit with all the pieces you need. Or you could try buying the clock mechanism and building the face on your own.