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Wall Mountable Air Conditioners

Wall mountable air conditioners are great for cooling spaces in homes or offices. Some can be mounted to the wall using simple screws and some come with their own mounting brackets or devices. You can find wall mountable air conditioners with simple on/off switches, as well as some with more complex controls that allow you to adjust the flow and temperature of the air. There are a wide variety of wall mountable air conditioners available so you can find one that suits your individual needs.

What are Some Common Types of Wall Mountable Air Conditioners?

There are a few common types of wall mountable air conditioners.

  • Wall mounted evaporator air conditioners cool spaces with the use of water. The water is sprayed or dripped onto pads and a fan spins, pushing air through the pads and causing the water to evaporate. This lowers the temperature of the air. Evaporator air conditioners are a good choice for areas with low humidity.
  • Heat pump wall mountable air conditioners feature an indoor component and an outdoor component. These air conditioners can pump hot air out of a space to cool it. Some are also dual function and can be used to heat spaces as well as cool them. These electric wall mountable air conditioners are typically fairly energy efficient.

What are The Benefits of a Wall Mountable Air Conditioner?

Wall mountable air conditioners have some unique benefits.

  • One of the benefits of a wall mountable air conditioner is that you can control the temperature of individual spaces. You can use it to cool your apartment or office or you can add one to a room that is not easily reached by a central air conditioner to create an even temperature throughout your home.
  • Another benefit of this type of air conditioner is that they are customizable. You can choose to place them on the wall of your choice and you can even select the height of where you place them. If you want to cool an entire room, you can place the air conditioner high up on a wall. If you want a more directed stream of cool air for when you are laying in bed or working at a desk, €you can place it somewhere lower.

What are Some Things to Consider When Choosing a Wall Mountable Air Conditioner?

There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing a wall mountable air conditioner.

  • One thing to consider when choosing a wall mountable air conditioner is how large the unit is. Smaller units are great for cooling single rooms or adding a bit more cool air to a space that already has some existing cooling. Larger units are good for cooling an entire apartment or other more expansive spaces.
  • Another thing to take into account is how portable the unit is. Some wall mountable air conditioners can be removed from a wall and placed on another quickly and easily, while moving others is more complicated.
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