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Waltham antique pocket watches are a must for any collector. These watches are known for their brand, style, class, and value, and did you know that they can be purchased for discount prices on eBay?

Valuable Watches

While the values of Waltham pocket watches vary immensely, these watches are sought after by many collectors. The Waltham Watch Company is also known as the American Watch Company. Between 1805 and 1957 it produced more than 40 million watches, clocks, and other precision instruments. They made wristwatches, as well as the classic pocket watches.

Serial Numbers

Waltham Watch company used serial numbers on their pocket watches. SN 5001 to 1400 were used in the 1857 first watch, which was the first American produced watch of standard parts. If you are checking serial numbers be sure to use the serial number from the movement of the watch. Do not use the serial number from the case of the watch.

The serial number can be used to estimate the date of products, helping you to obtain an estimate for its value.

Owning a Waltham Antique Pocket Watch

Whether you are a collector of watches, antiques, or just a lover of fine things, Waltham Antique pocket watches are beautiful and valuable.

There are many types of these well-made timepieces available, including gold fob watches from the 1800’s, sterling silver pocket watches from the era of the First World War, and diamond encrusted antique pocket watches for ladies and gentlemen. Rare colonial styles, solid 14K gold, plated gold, slim line styles and many more have been designed and created by Waltham Watches and are available for purchase.

Keep for your collection, as an investment or to pass down the family. Waltham watches are traditional, reliable, and often very affordable.

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