Washers and dryers for a two in one deal

Washers and dryers are essential household appliances that take care of all of your laundry needs. When choosing appliances it's important to consider your available storage space, budget, and design preferences.

Different types of washers and dryers

Washers are available in a variety of different designs and styles. Most energy efficient washers boast a range of washing programs, an intelligent wash system, SmartDiagnosis, and other special features. Choose from front loaders and top loaders in a wide selection of models.

Mini portable washers are perfectly sized for camping trips. The compact top loader also spin dries.

Dryers are available in vented and condenser styles. Condenser dryers can be installed anywhere, whereas vented dryers need to be positioned by an exterior wall or window.

Combination washers and dryers are a cracking option if you have limited space in your laundry, or just don't want to fuss around hanging up washing with laundry pegs. Combo washers take care of cleaning and drying clothes and other items.

How to choose the perfect washers and dryers for your home

When choosing washers and dryers the primary consideration is the capacity. Bigger drum capacities provide the extra space that clothes need for a more thorough wash and dry.

Being able to adjust the spin speed enables you to select the correct wash for delicate fabrics. Higher spin speeds get rid of more water at the end of a wash. A spin speed of 1600 rpm is ideal for bulky items like towels and doonas.

The energy rating of these machines highlights efficiency. The higher the energy rating, the more money you will save per wash. Clever sensors that assess the washing and drying load to save energy also saves water and time, and give clothes the best treatment.

Check out other laundry supplies on Ebay, as well as the special features on specific models. A reverse action cycle uses a drum motion that prevents clothes from tangling and creasing. Intensive dry cycles for robust fabrics and gentle dry programmes also help to keep your clothes looking and feeling great.