Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Usually in a sleek and modern stainless steel design, a sensor bin will fit in to every kitchen and lifestyle. The lid on a motion sensor bin closes fully to seal in nasties, eliminate odours, deter bugs, and ensure a neat and tidy look to your kitchen. It also prevents spills if the bin is knocked over. A removable inner bucket allows you to fully clean out the bin and easily dispose of the trash when the bin is full. Typically powered by four D sized batteries, and using energy saving technology, your sensor bin will continue to work even during power outages. A manual switch or button allows you to access to the bin, even without the use of the sensor, which is great if you're using the bin frequently and want to keep the lid open. Some sensor bins come with an LCD display. Always consider the size of the bin. You'll need to account for the size of your family and how much room you have in your kitchen. Always measure the area where you intend to put the sensor bin. Keep in mind that the longer trash is kept inside the bin, the smellier the more attractive it will be to bugs and pests. But you don't want to have to empty the trash too often, either. Find a great medium between too big and too small. To complement your new sensor bin, don't forget to check out eBay's great range of storage baskets and bins to keep your kitchen organised. Whatever the sensor bin that suits your family, you're sure to find it right here on eBay.

The kitchen is the heart of your home. Keep it safe, hygienic, and smelling fresh with a fantastic sensor bin. Also known as a motion sensor rubbish bin, a sensor bin will make disposing of rubbish a simple, easy, fun, and hands free event. Your kids will be thrilled to throw away their garbage with this unique waste bin. Activated with the use of infrared technology, a sensor bin will open and close as you approach it.

What are the features of a sensor bin?

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