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Watch Repair Kits

Fix your broken watch using the tools from a watch repair kit. Watch repair kits typically include all the tools you need for repairing a broken watch. Individual tools can also be purchased separately.

Watch Repair Kit Tools

Watch repair tools are highly specialised due to the delicate work they must perform. One of the most common tools for individual purchase is a strap link pin remover. Watches often use spring pins to connect the watch to the band, and the common segmented metal style of watch band uses them to connect its links. Spring pins are quite small and come in a variety of sizes, so an appropriately-sized removal tool is essential. Watch repair kits often contain watch back holders, which are small vices that can be precisely and delicately adjusted to firmly hold watches in place for repair. Watch back wrenches are adjustable tools used to open the back of a watch. By carefully adjusting them so that several contact points are spaced around the edge of the watch and tightened, the back can be unscrewed. Watch knives and other similar tools can be used to remove watch backs in some circumstances. They are thin, strong blades designed to slip under a watch's edge and pry it open. Very small tweezers and screwdrivers are included in most watch repair kits in order to manipulate the delicate watch components. Plunger-style tweezers use small bundles of tough fibre that can be opened or closed to manipulate the most delicate of components, such as watch hands. Specialist tools for battery removal and replacement are also included. Waterproof oils and ointments are for both tool maintenance and watch component cleaning, as well as polishing cloths. Small dual head hammers are used to secure some components. Watch repair kits will also usually contain small trays to carefully organise removed components, as due to their small size and precise nature, losing track of one is both easy and potentially ruinous. For this reason, as well as for replacement of damaged pieces, many kits include large numbers of spares of common parts.

Watch Repair Accessories

A common additional tool not often sold in watch repair kits is the watchmaker's eyepiece, a simple high-magnification monocle for precision work. Leather-working tool kits are also useful for repairing, replacing or making leather watch bands.

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