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A classic timepiece is both functional and stylish. However, to keep your watch looking perfect and staying in time, some maintenance may be required.

Why do you need a watch winder?

If your watch is not digital, it is likely to be a self-winding watch or an omega watch. These types of watches rely on constant movement to stay wound, which is fine if you wear your watch every single day. If you dont wear your watch every day or take it off for periods of time, it will eventually stop winding, and there will be no power to move the clock when you pick it up to wear it again.

Automatic watch winders do exactly what their name suggests. They will keep your watch ticking even when its not often worn.

Look for quality

The mechanism inside your watch is fragile and buying a quality automatic watch winder that wont stress the clock mechanism will ensure the long life of your watch.

One way to ensure the watch winder is high quality is to check the motor. Look for a motor that is quiet and features electric circuitry.

A high-quality automatic watch winder will also have a timer function. The timer should allow you to control the rate of winding so that the watch winder can more effectively mimic natural wear. A device that winds the watch constantly is usually a sign of poor quality and may damage your timepiece.

Size and style

Watch winders come in a range of different sizes including single, double and multiple. Its best to choose the size that best fits your collection. If you are buying a multiple or double watch winder, make sure each turntable can be set individually.

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