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Water Plants

Aquatic plants have adapted to living in environments submerged or immersed in water. Also called hydrophytes, water plants thrive in ponds while either submerged or floating on the surface. They provide an alluring dimension to a pond, but growing a good selection takes some thought, as layering them makes the aesthetics as breathtaking as you dreamed them to be.

Low Layer Water Plants

Start with a low layer of aquatic plants. These are usually rooted water plants like Nymphaea alba water lilies or creeping plants like the Golden Creeping Jenny or Lysimachia Aurea, which gradually crawls out into the water and softens the ponds edge. The Corkscrew Rush is a great low layer option that adds a stunning aesthetic with its protruding spirals. Other good low water plants include the Marsh Fern, which is a hardy fern that thrives beautifully in the water.

Medium Layer Water Plants

If you want pretty white blossoms on a plant that grows about 25 centimetres tall and whose seed pods take an astonishing cinnamon colour at maturity, get the Yerba Yerba. One caveat is that these tend to run a bit, so some maintenance is required. Another good medium range plant is the Silk Stockings Sagittaria, which have beautiful leaves that take a purplish hue and tall-growing circular seed pods that look pretty in full swing.

Tall Layer Water Plants

To round out the perfect pond setup, get full sun water plants like the Canna Lily. The Pink Canna is a variation that tolerates water and thrives in it. The Iris ensata does well at the ponds edge as well. If you have enough vertical room in your pond, get water plants that grow really tall, such as the hibiscus whose blooms can grow as large as 15 centimetres in diameter. Try the Egyptian Papyrus for a tropical feel. These plants love shallow water and can really add volume to a pond.

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