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Investing in a Water Pump

In essence, a water pump is designed to move large amounts of water from one place to another. However, there are various types of water pump designed to do very different tasks. First up, there is the electric water pump. These range from the small electric water pumps used in the backyard and in aquariums, to large electric water pumps designed to move large amounts of water over large distances. As these types of pump rely on mains power, they need to be within range of an electrical outlet or generator.

For a more portable option, there is the diesel or petrol-powered water pump. These are often used on large properties, in farming, construction or mining, or for fighting fires. As it produces carbon monoxide emissions, a diesel or petrol water pump must be used outdoors. Common types of this type of water pump include water transfer pumps, designed to transfer high volumes of water at relatively low pressure, used for flood irrigation and dewatering of construction sites. Fire fighting pumps pump water at a higher pressure, and are ideal for fire fighting, spray irrigation and high pressure spraying. Lastly, there are trash pumps, designed to move water filled with debris and solids.

Buying a Petrol Water Pump

When buying a petrol water pump - whether that's a water transfer pump, fire fighting pump or trash pump - it's important to look at flow rate and inlet size, as this will give an indication of how quickly it will transfer water. A water pump with a higher flow rate and a larger inlet will transfer water faster than one with a low flow rate and smaller inlet. Choose the water pump that matches the requirements for the job at hand, and if pressure is important, say for fire fighting tasks, look at the maximum head and pressure. The maximum head indicates the lift the water pump can achieve when drawing water up a gradient, and the pressure of the pump specifies how fast the water will be dispersed. Now, time to compare the options on eBay. With everything from power tools to petrol water pumps, eBay is the place to compare options from best-known brands.

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