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If you are one to enjoy the finer things in life, there is a good chance that you have Waterford Crystal in your collections at home. Waterford Crystal comes from Waterford, a city in Ireland, which is famous for the production of crystal dating back as far as 1783.

Over the last few centuries, crystal production has remained a prominent industry in Waterford, Ireland, and today the Waterford Crystal company is world-renowned for producing high-quality crystal products. The location in Ireland currently melts over 750 tonnes of crystal every year, to create some of these beautiful crystal products available on eBay.

If you're looking to add to your crystal homeware collection, starting a new collection, or buying a gift, eBay has an excellent range of Waterford homewares for you to choose from. Their crystal glassware collection is a beautiful addition to any home, with vases, platters and glass figures adding an element of sophistication to any modern display cabinet. Waterford has a selection of products suitable for your home and garden, and there is something to suit everyone's tastes.

Waterford glassware

Undoubtedly the most popular crystal items available are the Waterford Crystal glassware range. eBay's selection features brand new Waterford Crystal glassware as well as vintage and antique options. Whether you are looking for champagne flutes, whiskey tumblers, patterned wine glasses, martini or cocktail glasses, goblets, bottle stoppers the selection on eBay could have you looking for weeks. If the standard clear crystal is your glass of choice, there is an incredible selection to choose from. If coloured crystal glassware is your thing, you won't be disappointed.

Waterford serve and display

If you are looking for a unique way to serve up food and drinks at your next dinner party, Waterford Crystal has a vast range of serving options. From wine and whiskey decanters and bottles to crystal nut dishes, crystal bowls of different sizes and even champagne ice bucket coolers. There is also a large selection of crystal vases, candlestick holders and unique and beautiful display items.

Sculptures, figurines and gifts

Crystal giftware is an excellent way to show your friends and family you care, and with the considerable selection of Waterford sculptures, figurines and gifts on eBay, it won't take you long to find the perfect gift. From snow globes to crystal animal figurines, crystal flowers and roses to beautiful and unique Christmas decorations, there is something for everyone. If you're looking for something unique, a Waterford Crystal clock is a great choice. For the ideal wedding gift, you could buy a bride and groom Waterford Crystal wedding cake topper on eBay. There is also a great selection of cheese boards and almost any other type of giftware you can imagine.

Waterford Crystal has a fantastic range of high-quality glassware, porcelain and dinnerware sets for your home. eBay makes it easy to find what you are searching for when it comes to Waterford Crystal homewares, and your new addition is just a search away.