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Waterproof Pants

Don’t you hate it when you are doing sports and hobbies outdoors and you get soaked when it starts to rain? It’s not a nice feeling sitting around in wet pants that can take ages to dry, especially if the weather is cool. Having a good pair of waterproof pants will make life much more comfortable when you are playing golf, fishing, on your motorbike or hiking the great outdoors because they will protect your legs and underlayers from getting wet and from you feeling cold and miserable. It’s a good idea to pair waterproof pants with a waterproof jacket or coat to keep the rain away from all your clothing.

What are They Made From?

Waterproof pants can use different materials, such as plastic or coated nylon, which does not allow the rain to absorb. A more modern material is Gore-Tex, which is breathable compared to other fabrics. You will find many hiking clothing pieces made from Gore-Tex because its breathability is useful when you are building up a sweat.

For the Golf Course

You play golf in rain or shine, but you can feel a bit miserable out on the golf course for hours on end when your clothes are saturated. Wearing a good pair of waterproof pants along with a waterproof jacket will help you to feel more comfortable. Once you hit the club house, you can shed the wet weather gear and relax since your clothes underneath will be dry.

For Fishing

Days out fishing can be long, and you will want to keep yourself dry especially on those winter days when the sun is not out to keep you warm. Waterproof pants are loose fitting and comfortable and the best thing to wear for fishing trips since you can clean them easily. As they don’t absorb water, you are less likely to go home stinking like fish.

For Hiking

If it’s looking like rain could dampen your hiking trip, it’s best to have waterproof pants in your backpack to pull on when the clouds roll over. When hiking at a cool time of year, it’s important to keep your body as warm as possible to avoid problems like hypothermia. Waterproof pants can easily pull over leggings or thermal skins and will help keep everything dry until you can get to shelter or the sun comes out again.