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Garment Bags for Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress garment bags differ a bit from traditional garment bags. They are usually hanging bags with a wider bottom than traditional suit bags in order to accommodate the wide skirting that is typically found in most wedding dresses. Their shape could be compared to a mermaid style wedding dress and they are available in different sizes. However, there are other types of garment bags that could still accommodate a wedding dress.

Wedding Dress Garment Bags for Travelling

The type of garment bag you need may vary depending on whether you need it for short term use, travel or storage. If the wedding is taking place in another, city, state, or country, you will need a garment bag that can accommodate travelling. Rolling garment bags are more compact with attached wheels for easy transport on long trips, but you may need to get the dress ironed when you arrive at your destination.

Wedding Dress Long-term Storage

If your wedding dress is rented, chances are you will only have the dress for a few days before and after the wedding, so long term storage will not be necessary. However, if you purchased the dress and decide to keep it as a memento or to be handed down, you want to store it properly. Consider a garment bag that can withstand the test of time and also save on space, especially if the wedding dress is bulky. Choose a wedding dress garment bag with a vacuum seal feature which allows you to remove all the air out to reduce bulk and preserve the material. If the dress is not bulky, you can choose a traditional wedding garment bag, but opt for one that can fold into itself or comes with an additional pack-away outer bag.

Wedding Dress Garment Bag Accessories

If you use a hanging garment bag for your wedding dress, you should consider keeping a few extra clothes hangers on hand as well. Sometimes additional hangers can be placed in a hanging garment bag to accommodate additional wedding clothing like corsets and slips. Lint removers may not seem like an immediate necessity, but it is still good to have one stashed away with the garment bags. Sometimes wedding dresses can pick up lint that will make the dress look less vibrant, especially if it’s a white dress.

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