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Wedge Set Golf Clubs

Golf Wedges is best for short approach shots. That’s about 120 yards. Wedge set golf clubs cause your ball shots to ascend and descend in a sharp manner. Some consider wedges your sub-set or specialised irons. Wedges, sometimes called scoring clubs, help to give accuracy to your shots. Titleist, Wilson and other branded wedges are available on eBay.

What Are Some Golf Wedges?

The following are available individually and sometimes as a wedge set:

  1. Pitching wedge: Like your golf drivers, this is a basic club for golfers to include in their golf bags.  This wedge enables higher and shorter trajectory compared to 9-irons.
  2. Sand wedge: This makes it easy for you to hit shots out of bunkers.
  3. Gap wedge: In between your sand wedge and pitching wedge is the gap wedge. It has more loft than a pitching wedge but a lesser loft than a sand wedge.
  4. Lob wedge: The highest-lofted club, this wedge enables steep ascents and descents. If you need shots to quickly ascend, use this wedge. It makes it easy to get your golf balls over a tree.
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