Weed Control Supplies

How Do I Control Weeds in My Yard?

What may begin as a small problem can soon turn into a larger one, when it comes to weeds in your yard. While dandelions and other weeds that sprout up may look like flowers, some weeds can even choke other plants and flowers out, completely taking over the yard. There are a few ways to try to eradicate weeds; you can use prevention techniques such as weed control fabric, use tools to get rid of weeds or use weed killer or herbicide if you already have a yard full of annoyances.

What Are Some Weeding Tools?

The first thing to try usually includes preventative measures or tools, as many homeowners dont like to use poisons right away due to wildlife or other reasons. Some weeding tools include:

  • Weed puller: This is a handheld tool that can help pull up weeds out of the ground, and is particularly helpful for ones that are tough to pull with hands alone.
  • Weeder: This is a small handheld tool that helps pull all types of weeds.
  • Weeder fork: A small version of a pitchfork, this can help you chop away at weeds.
  • Trimmers/hedge trimmers: For large, tough weeds, such as small bushes, hedge trimmers easily cut them down to size.

What Are Some Weeding Prevention Techniques?

One measure that many homeowners take is trying to prevent any weeds from growing in the first place. Some preventative measures you can take are:

  • Weed control fabric: Lay this landscape fabric down in an area where you do not want weeds to grow, and it will stunt their growth.
  • Weed sprayers: You can use poison or herbicides to prevent weeds before they occur. Just be sure to use one that is safe for other plants.

How Do I Kill Weeds?

There are several ways to kill weeds that pop up, both natural and with poison:

  • Herbicides/poison: This is typically a foolproof way to kill weeds. However, it can kill other plants or flowers in the area, and may be damaging to wildlife.
  • Natural remedies: Using a weed sprayer, you can use other more natural remedies to kill weeds. Some highly recommended methods include salt, baking soda, vinegar, vodka and even WD-40.