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Weight Distribution Hitch

Caravan Safety

When pulling a caravan or trailer, safety is of the utmost concern. But, without the correct equipment, towing a caravan or trailer can be very dangerous indeed. By design, when a trailer or caravan is connected to a vehicle, there is the inevitable addition of weight that pushes down on the rear of the vehicle. Creating an imbalance in the way the car sits on the road, this added weight forces the car to rest back on its rear axle, so that the car sits higher at the front.

This imbalance can cause some serious safety issues, especially when driving at high speeds. With more weight on the back axle and less weight on the front axle, the vehicle may experience reduced steering control and braking efficiency, which could lead to loss of control when driving. On top of that, fuel use and tyre wear can be adversely affected, and with the front of the vehicle angled up, the headlights will no longer be positioned to be fully effective.

Weight Distribution Hitches

So, what’s the solution? Weight distribution systems are designed to prevent these problems, counteracting any imbalance when towing a caravan or trailer. As an integral part of a weight distribution system, a weight distribution hitch restores balance evenly across all axles on the vehicle and the caravan or trailer. This allows the vehicle to drive at the maximum legal speed, while staying in full control.

How does a weight distribution hitch work? Instead of allowing the tow-ball to carry the entire weight of the caravan or trailer, a weight distribution hitch works to redistribute the weight across all axles, much like the lifting action of a wheelbarrow. Weight distribution hitches are available in a range of sizes and weight specifications, so it’s important to check all the options before buying the correct hitch for the caravan or trailer in question. Luckily, eBay has a huge range of trailer parts and caravan parts and accessories on offer, making this search easy!

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