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Weld Car and Truck Wheels

Weld Car and Truck Wheels

Weld Racing is a manufacturer of truck wheels, off road wheels and wheels used in racing strips. They specialise in providing quality racing wheel upgrades that will give you an edge both racing and daily driving.

What Materials Does Weld Use in Their Wheels?

Weld racing wheels offer materials such as forged aluminium and cold forged rims. Their other wheels are mostly cold forged steel, and are made through a process of applying compressive forces on the material to refine its grain structure, making the material tougher and stronger. This translates to more durable and reliable wheels.

What Truck Wheels are Available?

Truck wheels in the Weld Racing XT line provide great off-roading options that also look awesome in the city streets. Roll up with the Slingblade wheel that features eight split spokes that will make your truck look even more intimidating. The Vektor wheel is made of polished black steel that suits a city truck well.

What Performance Wheels Can I Buy?

Get CCW series wheels if you want performance. Bold and functional, the LM series features thick spokes that emphasise its modular looks. The Concave series is an exotic line that features slender split spokes made of tough forged aluminum.