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Westinghouse Freezers

If you have a large family or have a need for more food storage, having a combination refrigerator and freezer may just not be enough. Perhaps you already own a Westinghouse refrigerator and are pleased with its performance but simply need more room to store frozen goods. Adding a white Westinghouse freezer to your kitchen appliance ensemble can be a great idea, allowing you to store foods longer. This not only minimises the amount of times you have to visit the grocer; you can also have everything on hand so you can make it when you need it. There are several types of Westinghouse freezers to consider for your kitchen or storage space.

Vertical/Upright Freezers

Vertical, or upright freezers, often resemble a smaller refrigerator. Just like a refrigerator, they stand upright. Westinghouse models typically come with a modern, durable ice-making machine as well as separated compartments so you can keep foods separate (such as packaged foods being separate from meat). When it comes to vertical freezers, capacity varies. Keep in mind the capacity of the upright models is usually a bit less than a chest freezers but the convenience of the layout of the upright freezer makes it easy to use. You’ll typically find capacities ranging between 180L and 280L.

Chest Types

When it comes to freezers, chest types are perhaps the most common. These will take up more space in your kitchen, and many families choose to store chest freezers in a finished basement or garage for that reason. The capacity on Westinghouse chest freezers can be quite high, with larger models giving the ability to store up to 500L of food. For those who often buy in bulk and cook large meals, chest freezers are a great idea.

Bar Freezers

If you need just a little bit more space for frozen food, a bar freezer works well. Of course, it’s the perfect addition to your in-home bar, with a 90L capacity. However, it also works well for other needs, such as an extra freezer for your in-law attachment, or as an entire freezer in a dorm room or studio apartment. With small, easy to use door compartments, you can make great use of the available capacity.

Parts and Accessories

If you find you need a replacement part or accessory for your standalone Westinghouse freezer, there are many available. Most parts are DIY projects and are are easily replaced if you follow a few simple instructions. Common replacement parts include the freezer seal, gaskets and replacement door parts or baskets.

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