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Want Filtered Water?

Australians spend more than half a billion dollars a year on bottled water – but, that habit is not necessarily a good thing. While staying hydrated is important for humans, the bottled water industry is not that great for the planet. Sourcing the water, transporting it to shops, refrigerating it and recycling it creates an extensive energy footprint. Plus, there’s the fact that only 35% of plastic bottles get recycled – the rest end up in landfill, or in the ocean. So, what’s the alternative?

While Australian tap water is safe to drink, drinking it is not always that pleasant. Tap water can look, smell or taste unpleasant, depending on the chemicals used to clean it. Tap water can contain many impurities, some harmful, some harmless. At the treatment plant, certain chemicals are added to the water, such as chlorine and fluoride, which work to make tap water safe to drink, as it continues its journey from treatment plant to tap. The only problem is, these chemicals can make water smell or taste unpleasant.

Investing in Filtered Water

Instead of buying bottled water, there is the option of filtered water for anyone who doesn’t enjoy the taste or smell of their tap water. Water filters can come in the form of a jug filter, a tap-mounted filter, an under-sink filter, a fridge filter or a counter-top filter, each ranging in price and functionality. To allow them to function properly, these water filter systems require replaceable water filter cartridges. Home to a wide range of home appliance accessories and parts, eBay is the perfect place to search for water filters and water filter cartridges. Take a look at the quality brands on offer to find everything from a Westinghouse water filter to Brita water filter cartridges. Easy!

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