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Wheels & Dollbaby Dresses for Women

Women’s Wheels and Dollbaby Dresses

The iconic Australian brand Wheels and Dollbaby has a huge selection of womens dresses, including high waisted styles, velvet and satin dresses and casual T-shirt dresses. Launching in 1987, this small boutique first started in Perth and over the last 30 years has managed to become a global brand with a cult following. In 2017, it was announced Wheels and Dollbaby would be closing their business, but their range of dresses is still as popular as ever.

Luxurious Materials and Prints

Womens velvet dresses from Wheels and Dollbaby are among their most iconic looks, with celebrities appearing in many throughout the years. This brand is known for using luxurious materials including satin, velvet and lace in their designs. They employ bold prints like polka dots, leopard prints, stripes, and florals in their dresses to help them stand out even more.

Party and Cocktail Dresses

The range of party and cocktail dresses from Wheels and Dollbaby can suit all occasions and styles, including lace-ups, corsets, kimonos, and retro style pieces. Their style covers all eras and times in fashion with a huge focus on the pinup era. The latest range from Wheels and Dollbaby features floor length evening gowns inspired by Dita Von Teese with a mix of old Hollywood glamour and superstar appeal.

Casual Dresses

Wheels and Dollbaby also has a range of casual dresses for everyday wear including singlet dresses and shirt dresses. Usually emblazoned with the brand’s logo, these are ideal for a more relaxed look while still creating a standout image. A plain black or white dress with a logo featured on the front and in a singlet style is a popular look for this brand.

An Iconic Australian Brand

Many Australian women have at least one piece of Wheels and Dollbaby fashion in their wardrobes thanks to the versatility of this famous brand. With 30 years of history behind them, Wheels and Dollbaby dresses have been seen in famous TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and on celebrities including Kate Moss and Courtney Love.