White Athletic Shoes for Men

Look clean with white sneakers

For a clean, minimalist style white sneakers are the way forward. They are more than just a wardrobe staple – they’re the wardrobe base and the pair of shoes that you are most likely to reach out for time and time again. Which is probably why there are more and more white sneaker options available than ever before. From luxury brands to affordable options, from leather to canvas, they go with everything, look good on their 200th wear and are a cool classic. They’re that versatile, you can wear them to a summer wedding, job interview, dinner at the pub, they’re appropriate for every outing. There’s lots of different materials to choose from, that change up the look and style of the sneaker.

Leather white sneakers

A popular choice with white sneakers is leather, it’s often a material used in luxury sneaker brands like Gucci. It helps the sneakers look fresh and clean for longer. It’s easy to clean, just wipe down with a damp cloth, and real leather is incredibly durable, it will actually mould to your foot and get softer every time you wear it. Most of the luxury brands use real leather in their shoe design construction. Vegan leather is also a popular option, it is a synthetic and unfortunately not breathable which could lead to sweaty feet but is a sound ethical choice.

Canvas white sneakers

Converse made white canvas sneakers popular. It’s a great material for a casual shoe. Due to it’s nature it doesn’t provide a huge amount of support for your foot, but it’s easy to care for and can normally be put in the washing machine and bounces right back.

Suede white sneakers

Suede is a type of leather, that’s soft and often used in sneaker linings. It has a more porous nature so is best suited for wearing in summer months when there’s less chance of rain. That said, it’s easy to buy a suede protector spray that keeps suede looking great every time you wear those sneakers.