Wholesale Jewellery Beads

Wholesale Jewellery Beads

Made for crafting and creating jewellery, wholesale jewellery beads offer endless opportunities for creativity. With a spectrum of colour choices and a wide range of designs, beads are fun to use when it comes to crafting bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Perfect for embellishing handbags or using for seasonal crafts, jewellery beads add just the right accent to your handmade designs.

Crystal Clear

Crystal beads come in different sizes and shapes, from bicone designs to smooth, spherical styles. Swarovski crystal beads sparkle and shine, and pave beads add texture and shimmer to any project. If youre looking to add bling to your jewellery, crystal beads the right choice, and with a wide array of colours and styles to choose from, there are many options. Choose beads as small as 4 mm or as large as 12 mm for a range of size options.

Heart of Glass

Beautiful and delicate, glass beads have a distinct design. Choose Millefiori glass beads for colourful creations, or opt for beautiful Murano glass beads to craft a European-style bracelet. Glass beads combine well with other beads, such as spacers and crystals, to create one of a kind pieces, and Murano beads with larger openings can slide onto thicker cords or bracelets for handcrafted charm bracelets. Glass beads may cost more than their counterparts, but they make a stylish statement.

Acrylic Additions

Durable and affordable, acrylic beads are fun for kids and adults to use in craft and jewellery making projects. Acrylic beads range from small seed styles to oversized faceted or smooth beads. Acrylic beads come in many colours, and their sturdy plastic exterior wont break easily, making them a good choice for crafting with kids or teenagers. Craft beaded bracelets and necklaces or make DIY friendship bracelets. Acrylic beads make fun additions to handmade crowns or hair accessories as well.

Savvy Spacers

When you look at a beaded necklace or bracelet, you often see smaller beads in between the larger beads. These are called spacers. Spacers are generally metallic in colour, such as silver or gold, and some feature different shapes, such as heart, butterfly, or animal shapes, making them even more visually appealing. Every jewellery craft requires spacers, so whether you choose metallic beads or small coloured designs, choose eye-catching spacers that add pizzazz to your piece and make it even more exciting.