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Buying Your Wineguard Antenna

Want to enjoy clear reception with dozens of channels right from your caravan? Check out eBay's selection of Wineguard antennas that will have you relaxing in front of the television in no time.

When you go camping, you want to enjoy the great outdoors... the fresh air, the starry skies, the stunning surrounds, but even more than that, you also want it to feel like home. That's where Wineguard's outdoor TV antennas come in.

Wineguard has a number of different caravan antennas for you to choose from, so it can feel like an overwhelming choice. You might be asking yourself the following questions, but when you choose Wineguard, they can all be answered easily.

Which parts do I need?

If you have never before purchased a Wineguard antenna, it's quite likely you'll need a complete set that will allow you to install the antenna and the fixtures that will hold the antenna to your vehicle. However, if you already have a Wineguard antenna installed and are simply looking to upgrade your gear, then you'll want to look for a retrofit kit, meaning you can use your existing installation parts and simply attach your new antenna.

What about when it's not in use?

You might be thinking, I'm not going to be using my antenna all the time. What happens when I'm not using it? Some Wineguard antennas can fold down using controls inside your caravan, such as the Freevision Sensar. Other Wineguard antennas are created with a low profile design. These antennas don't require any changes whether the vehicle is moving or parked, as it has a compact design that will not affect aerodynamics and will allow your vehicle to move under low passes without incident.

How do I know I'll receive reception?

Wineguard antennas use the latest technology to ensure you're getting the best possible reception. Most newer models of Wineguard antennas use innovative technology that allows the antenna to pick up both horizontal and vertical digital signals. This allows the antenna to receive more channels all over Australia. You can also purchase a Wineguard antenna with built-in amplification, further extending your reception range and ensuring all channels are clear.

If you're ready for clear channels with tons of choice, check out eBay's range of Wineguard caravan antennas to find your perfect fit.

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