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Winter Wool Jackets

If you are shopping for winter women’s clothing, you will most likely have a winter coat on the list. Winter wool jackets are a good investment because they are water-resistant and can remain wrinkle free if stored properly. As a matter of fact, if it gets wrinkled, you can simply lay it out for a few hours and it will de-wrinkle on its own. But its biggest advantage is its great insulation properties. It will probably be the warmest coat in your wardrobe.

Winter Wool Basic Coats

One of the most popular women’s wool coats is the wool basic coat. This is the type of coat that can be worn anywhere and can be paired with almost anything. There are various styles of the basic coat; they can be hooded or collared, long or short, but they all generally have two front pockets just below the waist to tuck your hands in for comfort.

Winter Wool Kimono Jackets

As you may have already figured, the wool kimono jackets are designed to resemble a Japanese Kimono robe. Some of the jackets are short, but the majority are long or mid-length. They do not always have pockets, but when they do, they are hidden at the sides. As with the Kimono, these jackets are often held closed by a belt sash tied in a loose knot. Think of them as a very fancy woollen robe that is stylish enough to wear with a pair of jeans, and can keep you exponentially warm during the winter months.

Winter Wool Military Jackets

Wool military jackets are among the most stylish and versatile women’s winter jackets available. They are seen in different styles but their defining characteristic is the double column of buttons going down the front of the jacket on both sides. The buttons generally start from all the way at the collar or shoulders depending on how far apart the columns are. How far down the buttons go will depend on the length and style, but they often stop at or just below the waist.

Winter Wool Ponchos

A poncho is a coat with a narrow neck and a wider bottom. Its shape is similar to a skirt. Wool ponchos can be solid or knitted and are available in various styles. Some of them only have a defined neck, while others also define a wide sleeve area. Due to the shape and design of these jackets, they are generally no longer than waist length.

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