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Wireless Headsets for Mobile Phones

Unshackle yourself from the tangle and clutter of wired connections by pairing your mobile phone with a wireless headset. The freedom offered by wireless headphones gives you greater mobility to connect wherever you are or at your most convenient location. They also enhance productivity by leaving your hands free to note down details or to work on other tasks.

Wireless Technology

Bluetooth technology offers you the convenience of pairing your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone headset with multiple Bluetooth devices wirelessly and simultaneously via radio waves. Thus, you can take calls on your headset while streaming music or listening to podcasts from your laptop. If you prefer to pair with a device that is on another floor or room, then consider one of the 2.4 GHz RF mobile phone headsets that do this well, barring interference from other devices.


Close that deal in a large, open, and busy work environment with a wireless headset that features active noise-cancellation, or HD voice for crystal-clear audio quality regardless of the background. Features, such as an in-built microphone, allow you to take calls on your headset, while voice commands that initiate, answer, and end calls come in handy when you're out jogging or have your hands full. Look for rechargeable batteries that you can power when the headset is not in use, instead of constantly needing to replace dead ones.

Types of Earphones

If audio quality is important, choose large on-ear or over-the-ear earphones as their closed versions seal in the sound for a more enjoyable listening experience, such as when immersed in a video game at three in the morning. However, they are heavy on the ears and may not be comfortable for many hours. For hours-long wear on the go, such as listening to music as you walk in the park, use the lightweight in-ear models for comfort as they do not weight down on the ear canal.


Wireless headsets need to be charged, and sometimes the batteries run low at very inconvenient times, like when you're in the middle of a video call with mum. Wireless technology is also subject to interference from other devices, such as microwaves, affecting the quality of your call.

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