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Women's 100 Percent Silk Scarves

Scarves have been a favourite women's accessory for hundreds of years. They can add a touch of elegance or an air of whimsy to any outfit. There is a wide variety of scarves available depending upon what you want your look to be.

What are the Styles of Scarves Available?

  • Neckerchief. This style is a smaller version of the traditional scarf. It can either be a small square or thin rectangle and usually tie around the neck.
  • Scarf. Traditional scarves for women are usually a large square that you can wear several different ways.
  • Shawl. These are very large rectangles that fold into a triangle that allow the women to easily drape the cloth over their shoulders or wrap around themselves.
  • Hair scarf. Hair scarves are smaller, but often times are about the same size and shape as traditional scarves. Many times ladies scarves can serve as a head scarf, which ties up in various styles on a woman's head.

What Patterns are Represented on These Scarves?

  • Floral. Floral patterns on scarves are a popular pattern of choice. They can include large floral design to tiny small scattered flowers.
  • Animal print. This print is a fun pattern on any scarf. Animal prints can be bold and loud with bright colours, either intermingling with other patterns or going into more demur and subtle designs.
  • Paisley. Many women choose silk scarves that have more of a boho style to them, which have colourful paisleys on them. Paisley patterns are very traditional in nature but can have a fun and whimsical balance to them depending on the design and colour palette.
  • Abstract. Often times, ladies scarves will not have a specific theme or print on them but a more abstract pattern that scatters throughout. This can range in almost anything to any style.
  • No print. Timeless and classic, many silk scarves for women have no print on them and are a plain colour. These are a good staple to have in any wardrobe and can match any outfit.
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