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Women's Athletic Shoes Size 7

There are a variety of athletic shoes available for women of all sizes, specifically size 7. Whether you're looking for a specific sport or a general athletic shoe, there are a variety of options including colours, styles and support that you may want to consider. Additionally, the technology that goes into athletic shoes has advanced their longevity as well as their functionality.

Women's Running and Walking Shoes

Support and comfort are key elements to any running or walking shoe. For women's running and cross-training shoes, the tread of the sole of the shoe is important for gripping various surfaces under specific weather conditions. If you're a trail runner, you would need a more texturised sole to avoid slipping; however, a road runner needs less gripping. Additionally, some running shoes are very lightweight and breathable to lighten the load to increase running speeds. Other running and walking shoes have very thick cushiony soles to provide extra support. Depending upon your need and style of activity, either shoe style option may work for you. Walking shoes usually have a good amount of support evenly distributed throughout the entire foot.

Women's Tennis Shoes

Women's tennis shoes are similar to running and walking shoes in that they need the proper support and cushion in areas of the foot that shoulder the most pressure. Tennis is a sport that involves short, quick bursts, usually pushing off from the balls of your feet. Therefore extra support is necessary in that area of the shoe. Additionally, tennis shoes need to provide enough anti-slip and gripping capabilities when playing on different surfaces. When playing on clay surfaces, there is a greater chance of slipping so the shoes need to be able to withstand and hold up the player.

Women's Sport Shoes

Other women's sport shoes can include soccer cleats, track and field shoes, softball cleats, and basketball shoes. A key component and common theme to most women's athletic shoes is the support that you need. While that support may be in different areas of the shoe, all shoes need to have the proper support for the safety and protection of your feet. You can find just about any shoe for any sport you may be interested in, however you need to make sure that the shoe fits your foot and is appropriate for the sport you're playing.

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