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Women’s Athletic Shoes in Size 9

When participating in any sport, it is important to have the right gear. Footwear is key for any activity that involves physical excursion as you need the right kind of support to help aid in your sport. All sports require different footwear as there are different requirements regarding the terrain, type of activity and additional gear that you need. For soccer, field hockey and softball, women wear cleated shoes for better gripping while running. In basketball, women wear shoes that have a higher ankle as they have a higher chance of rolling their ankles when jumping for the ball. In tennis and volleyball, women need shoes that provide the right amount of support for quick bursts on the court. All athletic shoes for women come in a variety of sizes including size 9, which is helpful for women looking to purchase shoes. Athletic shoes are available for any woman, big or small and should fit properly.

Women’s Running Shoes

Running is a popular way to exercise and it is key to have the right kind of footwear as you could cause potential problems not only to your feet but your entire body if you don’t have the right shoes. There are a few different styles of women’s fitness running shoes to choose from. There are two obvious styles: either the lightweight, thin running shoe or the chunkier, thick soled shoe. The lightweight running shoe has minimal cushioning but doesn’t lack of support. You can wear them for short sprint racing and possibly even long distance, endurance running, depending upon your comfort level. The chunkier, thick soled shoe has a large amount of cushioning and support. These are great for long distance runs like half and full marathons. Running sneakers provide support in areas that are needed when running on either treadmills or flat roadway surfaces.

Women’s Trail Shoes

Trailing running and hiking is a great way to not only experience the outdoors, but get in a good amount of cardiovascular exercise as well. Women's athletic hiking and trail shoes have a slightly different build than your typical running shoes. Trail shoes have more traction in their soles, allowing the runner or hiker to better grip, preventing falling or slips. Additionally, trail shoes have more ankle support as the surface that you are running or hiking on is much more uneven of a terrain and you have a higher chance of twisting an ankle or rolling your foot. Trail running shoes have a good amount of support throughout the sole as well as cushioning to provide continued comfort.

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