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How Do I Find the Right Size 8 Womens Boots?

Whether its raining, snowing, or you simply want to look fashionable, womens boots are one of the main necessities of any womans shoe collection. With boots for snow, rain, clubbing or simply attending a casual event or going to dinner, you can have high couture while being comfortable all at the same time. Finding the right boots that look great and fit well should never have to be a headache, as there are a myriad of choices when it comes to selecting any type of womens boots or booties for women.

How Do I Size My Foot?

The absolute best thing to do is visit a shoe store and have your foot professionally sized. While shoe sizes dont often change as an adult, it wouldnt be the first time that someone discovered they had narrow feet, or felt more comfortable in shoes that have wide width. While you may have size 8 feet, there are addendums to shoe sizes you should consider before making your final purchase:

  • Narrow: If you have a narrow foot, youll of course be much more comfortable in a boot that meets your needs. Narrow widths are often marked with AA or N.
  • Wide: If your feet are wide, you should choose boots specifically designed for wide feet. Look for boots that are stamped with W, C, D or in some cases, E+ (for extra wide).
  • Medium: A medium foot is another way of saying "regular size." Typically, these may have an M after the number, but not always.

What Types of Boots Are Best for Weather Conditions?

If your main purpose is to buy womens boots to protect against the elements, make sure you look for specific features as youre making your selection. Not all womens winter boots are created equal, and youll want to be warm and cosy, even when its wet and cold outside.

  • Water resistance or waterproofing: Sometimes the best winter boots arent water resistant, and if youre in an area with a lot of snow, the moisture can find its way in. Make sure your boot specifically reads water resistant/waterproof.
  • Rain boots: Rain boots will undoubtedly come with waterproof/water-resistant materials, but to ensure comfort, pick a pair that also has a warm lining inside, like shearling. Plain, rubber boots may not always provide the most comfortable fit, and if you have a lot of walking to do in the rain, youll want softness.
  • Non-slip treads: Similarly to sneakers, if youre walking on icy roads or footpaths, youll want some winter boots that have a non-slip grip. Look for raised heels with solid treads or boots that specifically advertise slip resistance.

What Are Some Fashion Boot Features?

As youre sure to have more than one pair of boots in your arsenal, you can choose some pairs for strictly fashion as well. Thigh high boots or combat boots for women, in addition to another styles, make great choices for different types of events. When it comes to boots for:

  • Casual events or dancing: Opt for thigh-high boots with a low heel for comfort, or for a spiky or stiletto heel to hit the dance floor.
  • Concerts: Combat boots or other types of styles are a great choice for rock concerts, while they also provide a level of comfort for standing for hours.
  • Hiking: You still want to be fashionable while hiking, so look for womens boots with strong leather uppers, brilliant colours and non-slip grips to make the day great.
  • For work or play: Look for sleek, leather slip on boots with low heels that make perfect casual shoes for the office, for lunch dates or for a day out with friends.

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