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Women's Fishing Shirts and Tops

You've got your pole, your hooks and your bait. However, you're not quite ready to cast off yet. Women's fishing shirts and tops give you the coverage and support you need when you're out on the water. Sporty styles packed with features let you leave your regular clothes at home and button up for a fishing adventure in special shirts that you won't have to worry about ruining with water, bait or while reeling in your biggest catch.


Fishing shirts and tops come in many styles. You may think of fishing garments as basic, but when it comes to women's styles, there are some colourful and cute offerings. Styles include button-up shirts, sleeveless polo styles or traditional T-shirts. From there, you can choose shirts by colour or design, such as neutral shades of blue, grey or black, or more colourful styles like sublimated tops, shirts featuring brand logos or graphic prints like camouflage, animal prints or stripes in fun colours that stand out.


Like men's fishing shirts and tops women's tops offer multiple features that enhance your outdoor experience as well as protect you while you enjoy a day angling. Made of high-performance, heavy-duty fabric, fishing shirts help wick away moisture, keeping you cool no matter how hot the day is. Choose a shirt created with material that protects you from the harmful rays of the sun. Fabric that dries quickly won't stay wet even if you get splashed by a big fish. Vented designs breathe and let air circulate through your shirt.


Certain brands make superior shirts for women who enjoy fishing and other outdoor sports near the water. When you're looking for fishing shirts, consider well-known sports brands like Explore 360, Shimano, Columbia and Under Armour. If you may be combining swimming or skiing with fishing, you can select water-friendly styles from Body Glove or Z-Man. Once you decide on a brand, set a budget and look for shirts with features that fit your needs and styles you like. Choose the right size for a fit that's not too loose but relaxed enough to feel comfortable when you're on the water.

Styling Shirts

Though you're not exactly wearing fishing shirts to be fashionable, there are a few ways you can wear these shirts that make them more versatile and functional pieces. Choose a button-down shirt and leave it open, layering it over a short-sleeved shirt. Or, wear a body-hugging long-sleeved shirt over your swimsuit so you can jump in the water if you like. Fishing shirts pair well with comfortable jeans or loose athletic trousers, or you can wear them with shorts. You can also opt for fishing shorts or trousers, which offer some of the same benefits as the shirts.

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