Slipping into a fleece bathrobe on a winter’s evening is an exercise in luxury. The soft feeling of fleece against your skin is comforting and relaxing while also keeping you warm and cosy. A fleece robe is also one of the most versatile garments you’ll own. You can wear it when you first get out of bed, after a shower or bath and as your ‘go to’ evening wear.

What to Look For:

Material - The majority of women’s bathrobes are made from cotton or fleece. For the plushest, most luxurious and confortable wearing experience, choose a fleece robe. However, cotton robes are more water absorbent.

Size - When it comes to women’s fleece robes, the two important size factors are length and waist measurement. Lengths are either to the ground or just above the knee.

Weight - The weight of your fleece robe will play a big part in its overall level of comfort. Fleece robes are thicker and heavier than their cotton counterparts. As a result they will do a better job of keeping you warm.

Design - The features that may differ on a women’s fleece robe are the collar and waist design. The kimono relaxed collar is very popular, as is the shawl design. The majority of robes come with a looped belt.

Purpose - Before buying your women’s fleece robe, consider the main purpose that you will be using it for. If you will be snuggling up in your robe during those cool winter evenings, then a full body fleece robe is the ideal choice. However, if the robe will be a be a piece of transitional wear during the summertime, then a lighter cotton fabric may better suit your needs. A cotton robe will also do a better job of absorbing water after a bath or shower.

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