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Fresh Soul was founded in 2003 in Sydney, experiencing a rapid rise to where they sit now - with nine boutiques in their native city! You can also find their products stocked in over 100 boutiques across Australia, and of course here on eBay where you can access everything from new to old.

The brand is based around creating the freshest trends for both day and night, helping women everywhere to express their individuality through their style. Distinctly Australian, and made for a fun-loving lifestyle, the awesome range of maxi dresses on offer from Fresh Soul will have every woman looking great and brimming with confidence every time they slip on one of these great outfits.

If you’re looking for maxi dresses for hitting the sun and surf or dancing up a storm in the evening, Fresh Soul has a style and design that every woman will love. The versatility of their maxi dress is obvious, and they’ll have you looking your best and living your best life at any time of day and night!

Fresh summer style

Imagine the scene: You’ve got an afternoon of lunch and relaxing on the beach planned with friends, but then you’ve also got a dinner date that you can’t be late for. You don’t have time to change in between events, and you’re staring at your wardrobe wondering what on earth you can wear. The answer is, if you’d done some shopping from the Fresh Soul maxi range, you wouldn’t be having this problem!

Fresh Soul maxi dresses are created with sunshine and summer fun in mind, and they can be worn in all sorts of occasions. That’s why maxi dresses are such a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Everyone needs a beautiful summer dress they can wear at the beach and still not look out of place in a fancy restaurant. You get all that and more with the selection from Fresh Soul.

As Australians, we love the outdoors, we love the sun, and we love making the most of every day. Fresh Soul understands that, bringing you effortless yet elegant maxi dresses everyone is sure to love.

Stepping out with maximum elegance

When the evening rolls around and it’s time to hit the town, every woman wants to be dressed in something elegant that fills them with the confidence they deserve. Fresh Soul maxi dresses are such a great choice because they’re made with real women in mind. The result for you, the shopper, is a terrific range of evening dresses that combine simplistic colours, subtle designs and above else, a comfortable elegance you’ll love.

Confidence is a big thing when it comes to getting dressed for a big night out. As all women will know, if you’re worried about how your dress fits, you’re not going to be the best version of yourself. The same can be said if the dress you’ve chosen is too risqué, or just simply doesn’t suit your relaxed, laid-back personality.

With Fresh Soul, we know you’ll find something you love and can feel comfortable in. The great range of maxi dresses of course includes options that are more on the elegant side, suited perfectly for a night on the town when you still want people to know that you don’t need extravagance in your outfit to feel great. So, step out in a gorgeous Fresh Soul maxi dress, and show people that beauty doesn’t mean being over the top – you can match it with the best by being yourself in a comfortable outfit that suits your body and style.

Cuts for all shapes and sizes

The criticism levelled at many contemporary fashion brands is a lack of consideration for the body types of real Australian women. Let’s face it, we don’t all have the form of a model, because most of us are too busy living life the best way we can. Fortunately for the real women of Australia, Fresh Soul offers maxi dresses in a range of different cuts and sizes.

As you browse through the collection, you’ll find sizing options up to 16, but the impressive thing is the different cuts of the maxi dresses. Not everybody feels comfortable in a figure-hugging dress, and we often just want a looser fit that we still feel beautiful in. Fresh Soul maxi dresses have an understated beauty, especially in the cuts and designs that are more flowing.

So, if you’re a real Australian woman who wants to get out and enjoy life, get yourself into one of Fresh Soul’s beautiful maxi dresses today. There’s bargains to be found for everyone here on eBay, and you can update your wardrobe with something that’s perfect just for you!

Modern designs for all occasions

As far as contemporary fashion goes, Fresh Soul do it so well by bringing together minimalistic designs with eye-catching cuts and subtle prints that can still turn heads with their natural beauty. Some of the maxi dresses in this range are created with summer fun in mind, and as soon as you see the product photos you’ll be able to envisage yourself strolling along the beach with friends wearing one of these classic designs.

Not to be pigeonholed as merely a sun-dress brand though, Fresh Soul also have maxi dresses with low backs, flowing wraps and even halter necklines that wouldn’t look out of place at a high-class event – even the red carpet if you’re a bit of a socialite!

There’s even some maxi dress options that are so effortless and subtle that you could even wear them in the office, adding a touch of natural flair to your normal business style. So, if you want variety from a maxi dress range, look no further than Fresh Soul – start shopping and find a bargain today.

Fabrics for every taste

Many women have a favourite type of fabric, so it’s good news for Fresh Soul customers that they offer maxi dresses in a wide range of materials chosen specifically for their purpose.

There’s cotton and polyester dresses that offer maximum comfort. So, if you need something that not only looks great, but also feels great against your skin, you’ll find plenty of feel-friendly gems in this range. There’s also maxi dresses made from high-quality viscose and other blended materials, giving you a variety of textures for any preference you have.

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