Stylish handbag accessories for every fashionista

A great way to accessorise your handbag or purse is by adding a handbag accessory. These small yet pretty additions offer a unique touch to your look and also make a great gift for fashion-forward individuals. There is also a range of handbag straps and handles which are ideal as replacements or if you want to switch up the style a little.

Cute keychains and charms

Adding a keychain or charm to a handbag or purse is an easy way to give your accessory a new look. There is a host of small additions including fluffy animals, jewelled charms, and the popular pom-pom accessory, plus many other handbag accessories dependent on your tastes. Small charms and keychains are easily attached to a handbag by secure keyrings or clasps and are interchangeable for a variety of looks.

Replacement straps and handles

If the handle or strap has broken on your handbag, there are a number of replacement options to revive your favourite accessory. Handbag straps come in many colours including traditional shades such as black, brown, tan, and white plus many others for a selection of bags of varying styles and sizes.

Some of these straps are also beneficial for adapting your standard handbag or clutch bag into an over-the-shoulder bag for easier carrying. You'll also find straps in leather, faux leather, chain, and canvas to match with your handbag material.

Fashionable gifts

Small charms and handbag accessories are an ideal gift for people of all ages. Cute characters and animals are perfect for young fashion fans whilst embellished keychains and charms are favourites amongst fashionistas looking to add to their collection. Other helpful gifts include handy bag organisers which offer a place to store personal belongings for easy accessibility. You'll also find practical and portable handbag hooks so you can keep your bag close by without the need to place it on the floor.