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Women's Harem Pants

The historical significance of a harem lies in the fact that it is meant to be a place for women to live in and maintain modesty. It was a private space for women in polygamous or monogamous families and whose occupants wore dazzling clothing of Asian, Turkish, or Muslim designs. Today, pop culture has accepted harem pants design because of its fashion-forward shape and generally comfortable feel. They are commonly described as MC Hammer pants and are made from a variety of light fabrics.

Full Cotton

Cotton is a good choice for these kinds of parts because of its breathability and versatility. You could print an incredibly ornate pattern on cotton pants that would lend well to the cultural origins of these pants. Get a pair or two of women's 100 percent cotton harem pants for those lazy weekends strolling around the park or the beach. There are also options that are extremely baggy and low, using wide garters that wrap around the waist up to the belly. This provides ample support for the relatively heavy mass of fabric hanging between the legs.


Women's rayon harem pants are generally lighter than cotton and can even imitate the feel of silk. This is a great material choice because it is thin, breathable, flexible, and absorb colours well so that an unlimited variety of patterns and designs can be achieved. You may see many people wearing them at music festivals as they are comfortable, cool, have a bohemian vibe, and suit the event.


You can wear harem pants while lounging at home or when going out on errands. When you're vacationing in a tropical region, a pair would look great at the beach or the bustling town square. Just remember to bring a good bag to carry your essentials, because while harem pants may have pockets, the loose design may means holding large smartphones or wallets is not ideal nor comfortable.

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