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Women's Medieval and Gothic Dress

Whether you're headed to a Renaissance faire or you're getting glamourous for a costume party, women's medieval and gothic dresses make you feel like you stepped out of a fairytale. Crafted from lush fabrics like crushed velvet, these women's costumes offer intricate details that make the look even more authentic. Whether you're a princess or a witch, there's a gothic look that's just right for you with accessories that accent each outfit even more.


One of the most popular and beloved women's medieval and gothic costumes is the maiden. This classic look brings to mind a medieval maid, and costumes are generally floor-length and long-sleeved for modesty. Think of Maid Marian from the "Robin Hood" story. Embellishments like bell sleeves and a corset top make the costumes even more appealing, and most of these looks require a matching headpiece or veil to complete the costume. Maiden outfits come in a variety of colours, including rich red and pastel blue. Created from sumptuous fabrics like silk and velvet, these outfits transform you into a noble woman.


If you're not a maiden, then maybe you feel a kinship with medieval warriors. These battle-ready ladies are in it to win it, and warrior costumes aren't about beauty or modesty. These outfits range from mid-thigh length to knee-length, and the body-conscious looks let you move about freely. Add a cape for a huntress look or add boots and a headband for a woman warrior feel. Think of Roman gladiators during the time of Sparta and dress accordingly. Armbands and a matching belt make you feel like a medieval superhero, and don't forget shoes; either brown leather boots or gladiator sandals.


Medieval times weren't without sorceresses, and dressing like a witch or priestess is fun and exciting. For an Old England spellcaster, choose a long robe with bell sleeves and a hood or cape you can wear to add mystery. A gothic witch costume requires a black dress with red or purple accents, along with witchy accessories like a hat and jewellery with gothic symbols. Carry a book of spells or a broom as a prop. If your dress is short-sleeved, add elbow-length gloves for drama. Most costumes come in satin or velvet fabric. If you're a Wiccan priestess, add a flower crown instead of a hat and wear velvet robes.

Character Costumes

One of the fun parts of dressing in medieval costumes is that there are plenty of characters in popular culture to cull from. Emulate women like Maid Marian for a modest maid look, or get into "Game of Thrones" character looks or use Xena the Warrior Princess for inspiration. Princess Fiona is a compelling medieval princess with a cute costume, and there are always fairytale princesses to pick from, such as Rapunzel. Once you select an outfit, add matching accessories to finish the look.

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