Women’s mini wallets are perfect for heading out for the night or when you don’t have space for a larger wallet. Available both new and used and from a host of well-known and popular brands, mini wallets are useful for a range of occasions. Match them with your favourite dress or heels and you’re ready for a day or night out with friends.

The different features and styles of mini wallets

There are a range of styles and designs in the mini wallet range to choose from. Some mini wallets come with a zip or button enclosure, while others have a drawstring or flap instead. You can also find mini wallets that are made to fit your phone, or to attach to your phone like a case so you only have to carry one easy thing when you head out. Many of the mini wallets available come with a wrist strap or long carry strap so you can carry your wallet handsfree.

Only carry with you what you need

Choose from leather, synthetic material, fabric and faux-leather constructions. Some mini wallets have spaces for your cards, while others provide handy zippered compartments to store your money and coins safely. The small wallet size means you only carry with you what you need, rather than everything in your regular larger wallet. Choose brown, black or white mini wallets to ensure they match with a range of outfit choices, or choose bright colours and patterns to express your personal style and individuality. You can pick floral patterns, checks, spots or stripes, as well as a host of looks that are specific to the popular brands and are easily recognisable for anyone who knows it well (for those who are fashion and brand conscious).

Whatever type of women’s mini wallet you’re looking for, eBay has an extensive range of styles and colours to choose from to suit your needs.