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Women’s Puffer Coats and Jackets

As temperature drop, it is important to dress warmly which includes wearing the right coat when you’re outside in the elements. There are many styles of jackets for women during the winter months. The puffer jacket is a great option for when temperatures dip low into the teen’s or single digits. As winter jackets are concerned, puffer coats provide a thick layer of warmth for when you need it the most. Additionally, many styles are rated for different temperature ranges so depending upon where you live and how cold it gets, you can find the right women's winter coat or jacket that works for you.

Women’s Winter Jacket Styles

There are many different styles of women’s puffer jackets to choose from. First off, there are short and long styles depending upon the coverage you want, you can choose whether you want your jacket to hit at the hip or go all the way to your knees or even ankles. Additionally, many puffer jackets have varying quilting styles which aid in how easy the jackets are able to move. The more quilting a jacket would have along with the pattern lends to more manoeuvrability versus less quilting or no quilting at all tends to be stiffer. There are also styles that have hoods for more protection or no hoods. You can also get the best of both worlds and choose a winter coat that has a detachable hood for when you need that extra protection from the cold temperatures. A Women’s down vest is a great option for that in between weather, when it is still too warm to wear a full coat but you need a little extra warmth to protect yourself.

Women’s Jacket Materials

A women’s puffer jacket can be made of many different materials. The technology that goes into the jacket filling has come a long way in trying to make these jackets as warm as possible. Some of the more expensive coats are made of traditional goose down which are extremely warm and stand up to the harshest of temperatures. Other synthetic blends can be developed so they provide extra warmth as well. Many winter jackets are made of a polyester blend that provide strength and durability to ensure your jacket lasts and is worth the investment.