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Women's Sailor Dresses

Women's sailor dresses make great women's Halloween costumes, and they are also useful those taking part in plays or musicals. They can even be used by those who simply want to create a playful nautical look. Women's sailor dresses come in a variety of different styles, each of which has its own unique features. You can find women's sailor dresses that have realistic features or costume dresses with dramatic, exaggerated features. With so many to choose from, you can find a sailor dress that complements your unique style.

Realistic Women's Sailor Dresses

Realistic women's sailor dresses have features that resemble real women's sailor uniforms. While most real sailor and naval uniforms feature trousers and a top, these dresses have many of the same details, such as a collar with blue and white stripes, and shiny copper buttons. Many of these costumes also feature a blue sailor's hat with white stripes or a white sailor's hat with red or blue stripes.

Women's Sailor Dress Costumes

Many women's sailor costumes consist of a sailor-style dress. Most of these dresses are knee-length or shorter, but you can also find some calf- and ankle-length varieties. Most of these costumes have exaggerated features, such as a large bow on the chest or an anchor pattern in the fabric. These playful additions make it clear at a glance that the costume is meant to resemble a naval or sailor's uniform.

Cotton Women's Sailor Dresses

Cotton women's sailor dresses are lightweight and breathable, which makes them a good choice for warm weather. While many of these dresses are form-fitting, some of them have a looser, more flowing appearance. Cotton is a durable fabric, and many of these dresses are machine washable.

Polyester Women's Sailor Dresses

Polyester women's sailor dresses are typically thicker and denser than cotton, which means they are suitable for cooler weather. Many of these dresses feature pleats or ruffles at the hem, for an added decorative touch.

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