Women's Shoes Size 9

Womens Size 9 Shoes

For women who wear a size 9 shoe, there are several different styles and choices to choose from.

What Styles of Shoes are Available in Size 9?

  • Flats.Flats come in many styles from casual to dressy and usually have no heel.
  • Heels. The height and size of a heel can vary with this style. Heels range in height from a small kitten heel ranging about 1/2 inch to haughty stilettos that can reach up to 5 inches. Wedge heels are a popular style that also provides some support and comfort for extended wear.
  • Sandals and Flip Flops. This style of shoe is great for the warmer months and usually has exposure for a good portion of the foot along with the toes. Flip Flops have usually a single strap that goes between the big toe and second toe.
  • Boots. Fashionable boots come in a variety of styles from short little booties that are either flat or have a small heel, to taller boots that come up to the knee or are even thigh high. Winter boots are more rugged and are either lace-up or slip on.
  • Athletic Shoes. This style of shoe includes all shoes that are for exercising or playing sports, whether its basketball, tennis, soccer, or running.

What Materials are Womens Size 9 Shoes Made of?

  • Leather. Leather shoes are more expensive and need protection from weather elements to avoid damage to the shoe.
  • Synthetic Leather. Cheaper than its real counterpart, synthetic leather is easy to clean and protect.
  • Canvas. You can treat canvas for waterproofing, but it is also easy to spot clean when it gets dirty.
  • Suede. This material is just as durable as leather, however, it is important to treat it to ensure it is waterproof. Suede is softer as it has a brushed feel to it.

What Colours are Womens Size 9 Shoes Available in?

Shoes can come in a variety of colours, but some of the more popular colours include:

  • Black. Traditional styles ranging from casual to dress usually have multiple offerings in black.
  • Brown. Brown is another basic colour that many shoes come in ranging in all styles.
  • Blue. Most notably, navy, is another basic colour that acts as a staple for many shoe wardrobes.
  • Nudes. Some of the colours that fall under the nudes category include white and beige, which also serve as great staples for any wardrobe.
  • Metallics. Any colours that have a sheen or shimmer are metallics, but most commonly gold, silver or copper are a popular option for any metallic shoes.
  • Printed. Prints are a fun way to add an element of surprise or whimsy to any shoe style.

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