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Womens Sport Costumes

Whether its for Halloween or another occasion, womens sport costumes put women back in the game with a wide variety of athletic-inspired costumes that create a sporty, active look for parties, special game days or holidays when combined with the right accessories. Select from a variety of brands, materials and costume types and add accessories to complete your sports look.

What Are Some Sport Costume Types?

Some costume types to consider include costumes that represent distinct sports or are made to look like athletic clothing. Select a vertical-striped black-and-white costume to emulate a game referee or opt for a race car costume with the signature black-and-white checkered design of a race car drivers uniform. A golf outfit adds a feminine touch to this look with a plaid skirt and matching golf hat, and a female baseball costume features a silky uniform top with a pleated matching skirt.

Which Accessories Go with Sport Costumes?

To complete your costume, add the right sports accessories or sports equipment. For instance, if youre dressed as a referee, you cant call the shots on the field without a whistle around your neck. Baseball costumes need a bat, a baseball cap and knee socks to look the part, and if youre wearing a womens boxer costume, your look isnt complete without boxing gloves.