Women's shoes

Finding shoes that fit you properly can be difficult, especially if your size isn’t as easy to come by. There are a wide range of options available on eBay. No matter the season you can find an option. If you need something for summer there’s sandals, thongs/flip flops, slip-on or if you need something for winter there are boots, slippers, high tops, sneakers. Even for a special occasion, you can find dress shoes such as a nice pair of heels or even some cute flats!

What to wear when

Sometimes it can be difficult in picking the right footwear for the intended purpose, here are a few things to consider.


Depending on the industry you work in you may have to go abide by particular regulations. Make sure your footwear follows the rules set in place as they are there for your protection. Otherwise, you will want to opt for something that is flat or a small heel so you don’t hurt your feet.

Out and about

Whether you are walking around town, heading to the beach or going for a shopping spree, ideally you should opt for flats. These could be sandals, thongs/flip flops, boots or even sneakers. This ensures that you can keep moving throughout the day without getting aching feet.

Special event

It's not every day you can dress for special occasions. You can opt for flats or a pair of heels but pay a little closer attention to the small details. Accents can level a shoe up that much more to make it acceptable for a special occasion. A little glitter, tie-ups, lace, embroidery are just some options for shoes for special events.

Paring the ideal accessorieswith your shoes. You may also want to consider investing in a shoe care kit so you can take care of them for a long period of time to come.