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Women's Sportswear

While women's sportswear makes getting fit feel comfier, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the options available. Whether it's the right pair of running pants or a bra that'll protect your ligaments, choosing the correct item can mean the difference between an enjoyable and an overly strenuous workout. In addition to considering sizes, you may want to look into materials, brands, and specialist items, all of which can enhance your workout.


Although cotton is comfortable and breezy enough for a light yoga workout, you may want to consider spandex or nylon for your running pants. In addition to moving fluidly alongside your muscles during rapid movements, they're breathable enough to minimise chafing when you sweat.

Specialist Goals

If you're engaging in outdoor sports during the cooler months, bulky women's sports pants, tights and leggings are your friend. Those featuring materials such as cotton provide the insulation you need to run in sub-optimal temperatures, which, in turn, allows your blood to flow comfortably, making your workout more enjoyable. In contrast, if you regularly experience leg oedema when working out, or painful knees, consider using compression pants. As they safely restrict the movement and gathering of fluid in areas where you're prone to oedema, they contribute toward reducing the risk of injury.

Sports Bras

Whether your workout is vigorous or calming, the right women's sports bras and tops can boost confidence while minimising the risk of embarassing slip-ups. If you're between an A and B cup, you may benefit from a compression sports bra that minimises movement. Otherwise, ladies with larger cup sizes should aim for encapsulation, which have the best potential for reducing movement. In addition, wider straps and racerbacks spread the weight more evenly, which leads to fewer abrasions and blisters after heavy workouts.


Sometimes the brands you choose come down to personal preference when choosing women's clothing. Larger brands, such as Nike women's sportswear, may provide a broader range of options, especially when it comes to shoes. As such, you can increase your chances of finding an item that's suitable for your form. For example, footwear that accommodates high arches.

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