Women's Swimwear

Choosing the Style

Ready to flaunt that bikini body? There aren’t many women who would happily run down the beach in a string bikini. For most women – those who eat chocolate now and then, and who don’t live in the gym – there is something to be said for finding swimwear that covers all the essentials. From rounded bottoms and curving thighs, to rolling bellies and chests that are not keen on being contained, almost every woman has bits of her body that she would prefer to disguise with clever clothing options. Unfortunately, swimwear doesn’t offer much room to hide. Or does it? Swimwear comes in all shapes and sizes, with options to conceal certain areas and make the most of others. Choosing the right swimwear is simply a matter of finding the one that does the desired job the best. A one-piece is a common choice for women who prefer not to show off their belly. This style can include slimming panels, sucking everything in for a more streamlined silhouette. The tankini and monokini offer a similar option, while the swimdress helps to conceal even more. For those willing to show a bit more skin, a bikini is the way to go, available in a range of styles to make the most of the chest, the bottom or the waist. When choosing swimwear, think about the neckline and the way the straps sit. A halter-neck can bring attention to a pretty chest, a bandeau top can help flatten, while padding can add some boost.

Flaunting It

It’s easy to say that women should just forget about what everyone else thinks and wear whatever they want. When it comes to swimwear, it’s easier said than done. However, it really all comes down to confidence. Finding swimwear that flatters can encourage a certain swagger, and really, there’s nothing more attractive than someone who feels good from within. Don’t be scared of swimwear! Check out all the amazing options on eBay to find swimwear that brings out the best and skims over all those little unconfident parts. Find fantastic brands such as Billabong, City Chic, Tigerlily, Rip Curl, Seafolly and Target, in a beautiful array of styles, fits and colours. Buy it, wear it with confidence and flaunt it!

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