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Get Turning with the Perfect Wood Lathe

Wood turning and woodworking can be an incredibly satisfying hobby. Not only does it offer the chance to relax while focusing attention on the item being created, it also provides a certain satisfaction in creating something tangible, something some people may call art. For anyone who is just getting into woodworking or turning, a wood lathe can be a great investment. Opening up a whole world of at-home turning, a wood lathe – also known as a turning lathe – allows users to make everything from pens and bottle stoppers, to salt and pepper mills and bowls.

Comparing Wood Lathes

Choosing the right wood lathe means thinking about three significant factors. First up, what kind of items will be created on the lathe? For smaller projects, such as pens and pepper mills, a mini lathe may be the best option. However, if larger projects will be turned, a medium or full-sized lathe could be a better choice. But before running out and buying a large lathe, it’s worthwhile considering how much space is available in the workshop – and how much money is in the budget.

A mini lathe is costs less, and obviously takes up less room. It can sit on a wooden bench, and is portable enough to be moved around. If there is the possibility of giving demonstrations at craft fairs and woodworking clubs later on down the line, a mini lathe will make this much easier. On the other hand, a medium or full-sized lathe can be used for large or small-scale projects, providing a better range if wood turning is to become a long-term hobby – or even a job.

Before buying a wood lathe, read some reviews online, or speak to experts in a local wood turning club, to find out which manufacturers offer the best quality wood lathes. Check for a warranty before buying, and consider getting a lathe with variable speed motor controls over one that is belt-driven for ease of use. Time to buy! Offering everything from wood lathes, to wood carving tools and chisels, to woodworking clamps and vises, eBay makes it easy to turn woodworking dreams into a reality.

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