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Wooden Beer and Wine Making Supplies

Beer and wine are easy to make at home with the right supplies. Beer is commonly made using metal or glass supplies, but fermenting wine in wooden barrels (or with oak chips at the very least) imparts a superior flavour to the wine, making it richer and more complex.

Making Wine

To make wine at home, you will need some simple winemaking supplies. Source a large pail with a lid, a smaller barrel or demijohn, a fermentation lock and bung and a hydrometer to test the sugar levels. Wooden vats or barrels for fermentation are vastly preferred because of the increased complexity and flavour of the finished product. If you cannot afford a barrel, oak chips can be added for a flavour boost

The Process

All wine-making equipment needs to be sterilised before use. The basic winemaking process requires juice from selected grapes being fermented in the bucket with a lid. The wine can be fermented with or without yeast. It is then filtered into the wooden barrel, and fixed with the lock and bung. Keep separating the wine from the sediment. Red wine is usually aged for around 1 year, white wine for 6 months.

Making Beer

Making beer requires you to prepare a ‘wort’, the liquid mix that will be fermented to turn into beer. A big pot is used to boil the ingredients, and then they are poured into a fermenter with an airlock. Once the mixture has stopped releasing bubbles, it is ready to be poured into bottles with some extra sugar and left for 2 weeks to properly ferment.

Choosing Materials

Oak barrels for fermenting wine give a rich, complex taste to the final result. If you don’t have an oak barrel, oak chips or balls can be used to similar effect. Wood, glass and plastic are common for winemaking, but for beer many people use non-reactive metals. Stainless steel beer and wine making supplies are easy to sterilise, and can be used for the brewing and fermenting process while making beer. Another commonly used material, copper beer making supplies are used as wort chillers an

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