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Got one to sell?

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Wooden Coat Hangers

Hang your clothes up, and put them in the closet instead of folding and placing in a drawer. You’ll quickly notice how much more time you have because you no longer have to iron your shirt before you wear it. Wooden coat hangers are popular because they are sturdy enough to hold the heaviest outerwear yet gentle enough for dainty items. When you care enough to protect your clothing with a garment bag don't settle for a flimsy hanger that might not stand up to the weight you put on it.

Trouser and Skirt Hangers

Wooden trousers and skirt hangers feature two lightweight and durable metal clips. The top part of the product isn't like a regular coat hanger; it's a straight line across. Look for a slim design in order to get more in your closet.

Combo Trouser and Shirt Hangers

To make getting ready easier, a combo trouser and shirt hanger lets you hang up your entire outfit on one hanger. It's not only perfect for little kids who need help matching tops and bottoms together, but it's also great for adults who like the convenience of having everything organised and ready to wear.

Use the Bar on the Bottom

On most clothes hangers, you will notice that there is a space between the top of the unit and the bottom. The bar that runs across has a useful purpose. You can fold a pair of trousers or a skirt and hang it over the bar, or use it to hold ties and belts.

Padded for Delicate Items

Non-slip coat hangers ensure that your clothing doesn't slip off and end up in the floor. Typically, you will see a small notch on each side to hold on the fabric. Another way to keep delicate items safe is to use wooden hangers that have padding for softness.

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