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Wooden Cutting Boards

A solid hardwood cutting board, or two, in your kitchen will last you for years for both practical everyday cooking, and creating culinary masterpieces if being the next MasterChef is your thing. Wooden chopping boards look great, they feel wonderful when you handle them, and they’re best for maintaining the sharpness of your knives. While technically bamboo is not a wood (as it falls within grass species), bamboo cutting boards are also popular wooden options for kitchen use. They’re lightweight, durable and also kind to your knife edges. Because they’re less porous, they dry quickly and are easy to sanitise. Whether you prefer wood or bamboo, you’re opting for a cutting board made from a renewable and environmentally sustainable resource.

Choosing a Wooden Chopping Board

When you’re choosing a wooden chopping board think about what you’re going to be using it for, and where. Cutting boards provide a firm surface for you to safely use knives, and reduce any risk of cutting yourself, or other surfaces for equipment. If you’re regularly slicing and dicing raw meat, look for a good solid thick board big enough for you to cut meat without spreading juices onto other surfaces, some have grooves around the outside to contain fluids. For the preparation of fruit and vegetables, a smaller or round cutting board may suit your needs. Some have small feet or legs with non-slip surfaces to prevent accidental movement. Reversible wooden cutting boards will last you twice as long.

Chopping Board Cleanliness

It’s a good idea to have more than chopping board for different uses, especially if you prepare fresh meat, chicken and fish. Using one board for meats and another for fruit and veggies reduces the risk of cross-contamination from meat juices. Wooden chopping boards are very hygienic due the properties of wood and when cleaned properly. After use, always hand wash your chopping board in hot soapy water, sanitise and allow to air dry completely before storing.

Other Uses for Wooden Cutting Boards

Wooden cutting boards aren’t just for chopping. They can also make great attractive table serving platters of fresh bread, cheese and fruits. Smaller wooden chopping boards in decorative shapes can substitute as unique individual serving plates. Use clean wooden chopping boards to protect your table or countertop from hot serving platters.

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